PAINTING PRACTISE in Central Virginia

Working in my studio in Nelson County, Virginia and wandering in other areas throughout Central Virginia, I paint primarily in oils. I am a perceptual painter or a realist…take your pick. As a reformed photographer I have always been conscious of light, composition and the intentional capture found in the edges of framing a view. But the charm of painting, unlike photography, leaves an evidence of being made by hand. Look at the surface of the paint on canvas, check out the precise or sloppy mark-making of a brush or pay close attention to the scrape of a palette knife by unsure fingers, all creating the patina of the hand made. Of course, paintings, like photography, are nothing without a heart. A realistic painting is simply a dull rendering of the subject if exploration for content and a respect for process are not at play. Additionally, a special cast of light within a landscape or interior can open your eyes, wake the heart, spark our soul, but, for me the mind needs a hook as well and therein is the challenge. I struggle to balance the excitement of the seen world with the joy of painting and with the exploration for a hint of poetic meaning that can happen in your imagination.


With a background in photography, I went on to receive a degree in painting and drawing. A love of the natural world motivates me as a painter and a strong background in art has influenced the past thirty years of my work as a landscape designer.

Originally from the Northeast, and with a serious stint living in California, I have lived in Central Virginia since the late 1990’s, drawn to the area by its beauty and for a rural lifestyle. I exhibit my work throughout Central Virginia.

Thank you for your interest.

(Maple on the Potomac, oil- Painting above has been SOLD.)

Susan B. Viemeister        434-996-5077