Painting practice

I use painting like meditation, to find some stillness while being in the world.  I think about how light seen on a subject can express the personality of a place or a moment in time. Rendering the character of such light can galvanize that moment into an image or into a memory. Painting is a medium that can be used to explore the intimacy of what is familiar, to understand what that intimacy can hold.

Our culture, so influenced by advancements made by digital technology, is full of fast edits and short attention spans.  Painting can be an opportunity to step away, shut out the noise, relax into real time, and see what evolves and what can be experienced and discovered.

Landscape design work

When I am not out painting in the field or in the shed, I can be found consulting with my clients about their gardens or landscapes. After receiving a degree in painting and drawing I went on to study landscape architecture and horticulture. A love of the natural world motivates me in art as well as in design.  For samples of the work please click on above link : landscape design. Thank you for your interest.

Susan B. Viemeister        434-996-5077